Monday, September 27, 2010


The month of August brought the start of school, in our house that meant the first day of Jr. High!
Caroline's first day of Jr. High
Hunter 5th and Abby 3rd!

Our friends Jason and Abby and their kids came down from Idaho to visit. It was SOO nice to see them.

The kids had a great time playing with the neighbors for a weekend. I've never seen a house with 9 kids in it be that quiet. Now I am not saying that I didn't hear them, but between the wii and the "spa" that the girls set up they were definitely entertained for the whole 3 days!!


Once again I am behind!
We still had three of the puppies in July and they were starting to get big. They are so cute and fun, but a lot of work!
I got Tracy a nice chase lounge!
Our annual camping trip was wonderful as usual, just really wet and muddy!
We saw a lot of this ...
while it was doing this!
Sad that Abby couldn't even make it into the house!
Family Home Evening sward fight!
Family fun at the rock wall.


Playing pool with Dad!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

April, May, and June!!!


OK so things have been a little crazy around our house and so I am finally getting around to updating the blog. Here goes (good luck not falling asleep while getting to the end!!)

My kids love art and usually participate in the Arts and Letters night at the school. This year was a little different Caroline was the only one to enter for the competition part. The other two just had pieces that were part of the displays from each class. Caroline also was part of a small group from the advanced orchestra to come and play while all the guests looked at the art that was displayed!

This was her entry.

Abby's Me Poem

Hunter's class project

Caroline and the orchestra

Abby had her class field trip to the Wells Fargo museum in downtown.

Hunter loves scouts and they played out a scripture story in pac meeting. It was really cute!

Caroline and Abby getting pedicures. It may not look like it but they really LOVED it!


We actually got roses in our front yard this year. They were really beautiful!

Orchestra concert!! I have really loved that my kids have wanted to be in orchestra. I love watching the grow to love music and work hard at developing their talents.

Hunter and Caroline!! So cute!

This is the part of the last few months that has taken a lot of work, time and emotional stress. Our sweet dog Ebony had puppies. Now this in of itself would not be a horrible thing, we have done that before. This time was VERY different. Ebony had a litter of 13 only 7 of those puppies survived, and then within 24 hours of having her puppies she developed a massive infection and had to be put to sleep. It was a very sad and traumatic thing in our house.

She was a great momma for the short time she was able to be.

Hunter was able to participate in his LAST pinewood derby. He had a great looking orange car and had a great time with it!!

OK back to our puppies. So we had 7 puppies that we were now bottle feeding around the clock and I don't know what I would have done without a couple of great friends that came and took a feeding each while I was getting ready for work and while I was at work. They really saved me. It was really hard for a couple of weeks we lost 3 of the seven puppies. Just when I thought that I was going to not be able to make it another minute another friend came to the rescue. She had a husky that had weened a litter and against all odds she took to our 4 little ones that we had left. It was truly an answer to our prayers. Her dog was able to keep those little ones going strong for the next 3 weeks!

Caroline finished elementary school and had a great time at the sixth grade pool party with all her friends and even a cousin! What a fun day they had to celebrate!

Caroline has some great friends! These are a couple! Audrey and Amber and her cousin Emily.

Goofy, fun girls!

My kids all had great teachers this year!

Caroline and Mr. M

Abby and Mrs. B

Hunter and Mrs. F

LOVE end of the year parties! SO fun

Caroline got to go to girls camp not long after school was out and had a great time!

All ready to go!

I think she is CUTE!

This is what those cute little things in the basket looked like when they came home to us after 3 weeks of being "adopted" by Mia the husky. Four went over and three came home. The fourth puppy found a great home with Mia's family!!


All of June was mostly consisting of dog sitting for the neighbors, PUPPIES, (the kids are finding out what a big job three puppies are) and we also helped some good friends move into a new home!

How tired do you have to be to fall asleep with your head in a food bowl?

OK so maybe we are a little in love with these little guys!!
Some friends came over to visit and their 4 year old decided that he was a puppy too! I remember when Caroline did this when she was little!!