Monday, September 29, 2008

Sometimes I wonder!!

Sometimes I wonder about my kids! They have this very silly game that they play with Tracy. He has a small nerf basketball and they will all line up and wait for him to yell, "GO". Then they all take off running in a straight line and he throws the ball at them. The kid that gets hit then is out and the rest all line up again. The last one out gets the one on one,if he throws it that last time and misses they win. After all that do you think that they stop? Oh, no they all get back up, line up, and then taunt him that he won't be able to get them this time. Personally, sitting on the sidelines, it is really funny to watch but I think that they are a little crazy for doing it. You gotta love the daddy!!

Friday, September 12, 2008


We have some very good friends with some really cute kids. Thier youngest, Liliann, was wandering around the house and found Abby's soccer uniform and convinced Tracy (not that it was very hard) to put it on her.
A little saggy but she was lovin it.

I love being a mom!!

I love those little moments that make you say Ahhh! Last week while I was driving Abby to soccer practice, just the two of us, she piped up in the back seat and told me, "Mom, you're so lucky to have me." I tried hard not to giggle and told her that I agreed but I wanted to know why she thought so. She took a deep breath and then told me, "because I love You." I love being a mom so much and those little moments make the job all the more precious.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Grapes Anyone?

Is he a boy or a chipmunk? Maybe Hunter thinks that he needs to stock up for winter. This boy makes me smile!!