Saturday, January 10, 2009


Christmas morning at our house starts with sleepy faces and PJ's. In most homes the parents have to tell the kids they have to wait until they are ready to get up before they are allowed to go out to see what Santa has brought. In our home this is not the case!! Tracy and I have always had to go in and wake up our children and even then we are told that they will "go look in a little while". This year was no exception, Abby had come into our room some time in the middle of the night and when Tracy asked her if she wanted to go look at her gifts she rolled over and said not right now. He then tried asking her if she thought Santa had come, to which her answer was "I didn't hear him." All I can say is that they really value their sleep!!
Caroline is entering in to that tween stage of life and is very happy and grateful for the gifts that she gets but is definitely not as animated as the other two.
Hunter gets excited to see all his favorite things that he knows were picked out just for him. He asks how everyone knows just what he likes, it is so funny!
Abby is the most animated (I know you are all surprised to hear that). She was so much fun this year. There were a lot of squeals and shouts of "YEA!" from her end of the room!

Christmas just wouldn't be the same for me if we didn't do Christmas breakfast. We have friends and family over for crapes, eggs, muffins, bacon, sausage ... I think that you get the point, it is a big spread.

We had a great Christmas and spent it with those that we love. Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Michelle said...

our kids used to be like that, too...but they've outgrown it! So my only advice...value YOUR sleep!