Thursday, July 16, 2009

Random Summer Pics

Sorry this is sort of a long post!
You have to love two nearly 200 pound dogs that think that they are little and sneaky!! Above is Princess thinking that she can go for a ride. Below is Ebony thinking that she can hide under Abby's bed. She knows that she is going to get in trouble for sleeping in the girls room!

WARNING: Scary pictures to follow;)

(two men that glow in the dark hehehe)


I really don't think that they every grow up! Tracy and his friends decided that it was a good idea to jump off the roof of our friend's house into the pool.

Tracy and I have decided that we are LOVED! A couple of the neighbor kids came TPing. This is the second time that these boys have gotten our house!! (the first time was so pathetic that it didn't rate having pictures taken)

Who needs leaves to jump in?
What do you do with all that TP? You make Abby into a mummy, that's what!!
Father's day!!
What a start to his day! The kids love to wrestle with Tracy then have a really great breakfast.

Summer Orchestra
Hunter and the cello (first year)
Caroline and the violin (3rd year)
Hunter thought that he would be funny and take my seat in the car ... I don't know that he will be trying that one again for a while!! (I think that he told me that his legs were going to fall off!)

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Anonymous said...

I love your post, especially the two scarey white ghost on the roof. They could be twins!!!! I need to do a few random pictures on a post of our summer too. Can't wait to see ya when you get back from camping.