Wednesday, April 7, 2010

February and March ...

So it is apparently a bad idea for me to wait this long to update our blog. Let's see how this goes!!

Valentines Day parties at school. Caroline's class had an ice cream party. Hunter's class was the usual stuff a couple of games and a LOT of candy.
Abby's class got doughnuts, crafts, and a game or two.
President's Day this year we went with some cousins to skateland.
Hunter and Kenneth
Caroline and Kasie
Our family trip to Disneyland ...
The kids got picked to participate in the parade when it stopped in front of us!

Fun reserved seating for the parade!!
Fun rides ...
fun kids ... a fun vacation!
Spring break was a lot of this ...
just a variety of company!
It was a fun week with beautiful weather and so nice to be outside!

Caroline got her first pedicure in March. I think she may have fallen in LOVE with it!
Our roses started to bloom.
Caroline was teaching Ivy to play with the jump rope, "One, two, three, over"
Track and Field day at school was so fun. It had to be postponed from the Thursday and Friday before spring break to the Thursday and Friday after because we had so much rain that the field was muddy for WEEKS.

Abby's favorite part!

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Anonymous said...

It has been nice outside, huh? Just wait though...the hot summer season is fastly approaching, which means...POOL PARTIES!!!!!!