Monday, March 21, 2011

September thru December 2010

I know, I know it's about time that I get on the ball and get somethings updated!! Well here is a start!!
Labor day we went with our friends to the mall just to goof around and eat lunch and ride the carousel. When we got off the elevator we heard a girl tell her mom, "Wow, that is A LOT of kids!" I guess it is but until you see them all like this I don't even notice!!
Eighties day at Jr. High. Caroline looked at me and asked if we REALLY did this to ourselves on purpose!
Once again, SOCCER.

This year was our first year with an actual injury.
Caroline dislocated her shoulder.

This year ALL THREE of the kids were able to go to DC to visit their Uncle! They had a great time and loved spending the week away together!!

Fun times in Activity Days!

Caroline's Christmas Orchestra concert
The younger kid's Winter Sing.
I know this is a funny picture, I was just really pleased with the way Abby's hair turned out that night!
Hunter the ham
Abby and her cute dimple

Hunter looking so handsome (and Sophie so pretty)

Abby's ballet recital

Caroline's flowers from Daddy for her birthday! Happy 13th :)
Lunar eclipse on Caroline's birthday!!

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