Sunday, May 22, 2011

Europe Trip November 2010

I am hoping that I can FINALLY get into the groove and have this blog all updated in the next week!! So with that in mind ... I am so excited for this post!!

Welcome to my memories of one of the BEST vacations of my life. Tracy and we so blessed to be able to spend 12 wonderful days together in Europe in November.

Germany, Austria, and Italy with an evening drive through the Alps in Switzerland!!

Our first stop and meeting point was Frankfurt, Germany. We immediately fell in love with the small "Mom and Pop" type restaurants and pubs. Most definitely the best food and the best atmosphere!

Just like eating in Mom's kitchen!

The first time we stopped at a rest stop we were a little surprised to have to pay to even get in. Then after I decided that it was well worth it! In Germany these restrooms have ... get ready for this ... SELF CLEANING TOILETS!! I can tell you that I would be happy to pay to use a restroom at rest stops it I knew that the toilet was CLEAN!!!

We loved this little neighborhood right in the heart of Frankfurt. How cute it was in the middle of all these high rises!

Even when it is necessary to upgrade and add space they keep the history too. This is the train station in Frankfurt, and the front part is the old station that is obviously too small, so a solution? Just add an ultra modern station addition in the back!

I LOVE THIS GUY!! Two whole weeks of heaven just hanging out, walking hand in hand, and falling deeper in love!

Old town Frankfurt along the Rhin River

Street performers

Beautiful window boxes

Old city walls/gates

Parking on the sidewalk. Streets are old and narrow so ... street parking = sidewalk parking!

Tracy's new favorite! Like a Euro, but bigger!

Parks along the Rhin River

Shopping! I think this was a rare thing. Tracy actually enjoying shopping with me!

Loved the green shutters!

Heidelberg, Germany

Tracy and I fell in LOVE with this city!

This is what you get when your hubby designs custom homes. A lot of pictures of architectural elements. OK, so I loved these windows too!


200 KM/HR (125 m/hr)

on the Autobahn on our way to Munich

Munich, Germany

Really great restaurant in Munich

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WOW!!!! So awesome you got to go to Germany!