Friday, August 8, 2008

Camping at the Rim

We enjoy camping as a family and one of favorite places is up on the rim. It is so beautiful. This year it seems that we got more rain before we went and it was so green. Almost every year it rains at least a little while every day but this year it rained before we got there and again after we went home.

The kids love to go for quad rides with the dads and this year was no exception. They took a ride down the trails to a small pond to find water dogs (these are salamanders that have stayed in the water so they still have gills and webbed feet.)

Smoors are a must when out in the woods, around a campfire. We decided to give them a new experience and along with the traditional gram cracker and chocholate they had the option of putting the marshmallow in between two chocolate chip cookies. I don't think that they could decide what was better. My vote is the cookies.

On our hike we found a cave that the kids could climb through. It was perfect, not too big and with seperate enrtance and exit. The kids went through a few times each and thought it was exciting to explore. It was more like follow the leader but for them it was exploring still the same!

Caroline, Hunter and Abby got really good at riding the little quad and loved every minute of it. I think that they are truly addicted.

THE HAMMOCK (need I say more?)

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