Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School TAKE 2;)

OK, so we had a slow start to the school year!! There we were, a little early for school, (for the first time ever on the first day of school) camera in hand and lo and behold a dead battery. Between getting the kids all ready for the start of school, getting me ready to go back to work and the house still being under construction someone dropped the ball and the camera did not get charged. Now we are two weeks in and I decide that we are getting the pictures anyway. I set out the same outfits, took the time to drive them to school rather than have them ride the bus and made them do a "First day of school" picture.
How do you convince him that he really does like his sisters?
That first day (and every Monday after that) they do flag raising, so every year all we get is them standing in a big group and if we are lucky we can get the teacher as well.
Caroline 5th grade

Hunter 3rd grade

Abby 1st grade

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