Sunday, December 21, 2008

Caroline's Birthday!

We have had another birthday at our house! Caroline just turned 11 and I can hardly believe it.
She has always been our sweetly content child. I have so many memories of her just hanging out with Tracy and I.
She is so much fun and she has a great sense of humor.
I think that her favorite person in the whole world is her Uncle Andrew. She loves to go visit him in Washington DC. I'm not sure she is ever really ready to come home!
She has such a love for life, school, and her friends. She is such a sweet young lady and we have been truly blessed with her.



Thomas Family said...

Happy Birthday Caroline! :)

Michelle said...

Tori, I was expecting to see baby pictures for some reason! Not a big girl! Time,..where does it go?

simplyshye said...

Happy Birth of your very day miss caroline !!! ;-)
loves -- shye -- mrs. petersen