Monday, December 29, 2008

Soccer Season Recap

Our Soccer Season
Caroline had a great season this year! They were a fun team to watch. They didn't win all the time (2 wins, 1 tie) but they were by far the most improved. They really learned the meaning of team work and made friends for a lifetime.
(Tracy was her assistant coach)
Hunter as always has a great time playing. He is a great team player and always is encouraging his teammates whether he is on the field or sitting a quarter out. He loves soccer and is determined to be the best he can be.
Abby is our most aggressive player. She loves to get out there and really get into the game. She was able to get several goals this year and was a great sport win or loose! She can't wait for next season.

In our family it is not only the kids that get into soccer. Tracy and I love it too. I always seem to be the team mom for at least one team. Tracy on the other hand is not only Caroline's Assistant Coach, but he has refereed for the last 5 years. He really loves to get out there with the kids and is really great at teaching as well as reffing. I love having something that the whole family gets involved in. We seem to be really busy during the season but I wouldn't trade the time with our kids for anything!!

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