Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hunter's Birthday!

Hunter is 9!!
I can hardly believe that he has grown up so much, it doesn't seem possible.
He has always been very funny. He has the best sense of humor and will do just about anything for a laugh. He will get you to laugh and then keep going and going and going.
He loves life, sports, school and his friends. He loves to be outside playing in the yard with the soccer ball or next door in the driveway playing basketball. (Maybe outside is his favorite place to be because he is in the middle of two girls!!)

He is a great source of comfort in our family. He always seems to know when someone is having a bad day and knows just what they need. Sometimes that is a hug and to sit by them and other times it is a laugh. Either way Hunter is the perfect person for the job. Our home would not be as silly and fun without him.



Sankat said...

That pictures is so cute with the girls kissing him! I hope he has a great 9th bday!

Real Mom, Real Life said...

Wow -- how did you get him to hold still while his sisters kissed him... adorable.

shaunandammie said...

Hunter is adorable! Happy Birthday Hunter!!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, Hunter! You sound a lot like my nine year old!