Saturday, February 7, 2009

Should I feel guilty??

This is what our weekend looked like last week ... it was beautiful!
But while we were enjoying the yard and the sunshine both my brothers were back-east FREEZING!! In fact one of them was without power for a week. Now naturally I was concerned for them and called frequently to check that they were still alive and OK. I, however could not leave it at that ... as soon as I knew they were OK I had to let them know that we were spending a beautiful day in the yard!! So I ask, should I feel guilty? I think not!!


Sankat said...

hehe...ya don't feel guilty. Think how they will feel when we have 115 degree temps.

Michelle said...

Good point Sankat!

Thomas Family said...

YOU SHOULD FEEL VERY GUILTY!!!!! 115 is better than -15!! :) lol