Saturday, June 13, 2009


Once again I find myself playing catch up with my blog. Between the end of school and the beginning of summer I have been either busy running around or being lazy!! So here we go on our adventures in May!
We were fortunate enough to go and spend a weekend in Snowflake/Taylor with some of our favorite friends. We really had a great time and the kids were in heaven. The weather was beautiful and they love to spend time outside exploring, playing and riding quads.
This is them one morning out in their PJ's playing Batchy Ball. (Only one is missing)

Guitar hero war was ON. I definitely have a better sense of rhythm than my spouse (whom I love DeArLy). Dave was a little better than me at most of the songs though.
This is one of Tracy's favorite things to do with our kids!! They love to get on the quads with Daddy and go exploring.

Dave and his girls had a great time too.
(This pic is missing one kid as well)

Abby in little girl heaven.

Also in May was Abby's ballet recital. She has been in dance for 3 years now and really enjoys it and LOVES her teacher!! These little girls are SO cute and we love them all. Good job girls!!

Abby all dressed up!

We can't forget Father's and Sons! Hunter and Tracy were so excited to take a couple of cousins with them this year. It was fun for them to spend some fun time with Jacob and George. They were sad that Jack was not able to come too but he was working hard at his cub scout day camp.
I figured that this post was long enough so I will save the last day of school and the last couple of weeks for another day!!! (wish me luck)


southolive said...

Hey there! Looks like a fun filled month! I can't wait for Carsyn to start dance classes! Their cute little outfits alone are worth it!

Abby said...

Such cute kiddos!

There's a little something for you here. :)