Monday, May 11, 2009


These pictures didn't seem to want to stay in order so I just have to try to control my OCD and leave them and move on;)
Hunter and his pine wood derby car. He came in 4th!! Good job buddy:-)

The kids at the Spring Sing.
I love that our school still has music class and still puts on concerts twice a year.




Tracy planned a birthday party for me this year. We had cake at our house and then went "clubbing" in other words we went dancing at Grams Central Station. We had a great time!! Thanks Sweetheart!
It made me feel both young and OLD!! Young because we were out and having a great time (like a date or something) and old because if we wanted to dance to "our" music we had to hang out in the "retro room"!!

Track and Field day at school. These pictures are of Abby, I forgot my camera so the pictures of the other kids are being e-mailed to me from my friends and I will add them on later!!!

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