Monday, March 16, 2009

Finally Disney Pictures!!

Finally I had the time and the patience to deal with my Internet issues to post the pictures from our Disney trip!! Looking at these just makes me want to go back:)
This is the Pixar parade in California Adventures

Shawn and Crystal celebrated their anniversary while we were there so we took the kids so they could have a nice lunch with out them. We went on the steam boat and the kids had a great time looking out at the island.

We went to see the princesses.

Hunter was excited that one of the three was Belle because he wanted to get her autograph for his friend Sophie. He even had Belle personalize it just for her.

New this time around was Fairytopia where you can meet Tink and one of her friends from the new movie.

This is Tink's friend Faun.
Another first for us this time was that our kids can go on rides without an adult because Abby is now 7. I really hate this kids roller coaster and now Caroline can be in charge and take the other two on it YEA!!

Caroline rode the Maliboomer for the first time this year and LOVED it! We have not found a ride that our kids are afraid of. I love it.

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simplyshye said...

ooo - look it says I'm a wonderful person !!! Yeah !
But no serious -- you have got MAD skills for them there hair duuuus ! They are soo stinkin cute ! I'm glad everyone had a great time ! And hunter was able to recover from the bird sighting . loves to all of YOU !!