Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break

We had a GREAT spring break. We stayed close to home and had a fun time! We rode the light rail twice. Once to ASU to have lunch at the Chuck Box with Grandpa and Nana (my kids ate all my fried zucchini). The second time we went downtown to the science center. We had a lot of fun but next time I think that I will take a second adult. With two 1st graders and a 3rd and 5th grader they have very different interests and it would have been more fun to spend more time with what each wanted to do. I watched my friends kids (my kids friends) two of the days. That is always fun because I don't hear, "What are we going to do today?" They entertain each other quite nicely!! Over all it was good, no stress, fun with the kids and the best thing of all NO FIGHTING and a CLEAN HOUSE!

Who could ask for anything more! (I guess I could have asked for my camera to have had a charged battery for the science center but I guess I can't have everything)

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Real Mom, Real Life said...

Wait -- did you say No Fighting AND Clean House in the same sentance??? Is that really possible? Maybe I need to look into the Science Center more often.