Monday, March 2, 2009

Our Family Disneyland Getaway!!

One lost and found cell phone, one pooped on Hunter, two head colds, a lost and found Abby, and a sprained ankle ... Disneyland with the family for a week ... Priceless!!!

Anyone that knows me will attest to the fact that Disneyland is probably my favorite place on earth. Tracy and I just got back from our annual (and sometime biannual) trip to the big DL with the family!! We had such a good time.
The first day was just the 5 of us and just mellow. We went on some of our favorite rides and the went over to CA Adventures and waited in line for our first look at Toy Story Mania!!(insert cold number one here)
On the second day we added my cousin Sarah and her boys. Our kids love to be with their cousins and get along wonderfully. We went on the new and improved Small World and liked the changes. They were noticeable but didn't take away from the nostalgia of the ride.( insert one lost cell phone here)
On the third day we started off in CA Adventures and added another family. Friends of ours that arrived were quickly absorbed into the growing crowd of kids and out numbered adults. Toy Story Mania was a cute ride and our longest wait in a line (30 min)!! We spend most of the daylight hours being flipped, twisted and spun around at CA Adventures before packing it up and heading across the way to DL. We ended the day in good old Fantasy Land. (insert cold number two here)
Day number four started, continued and ended at DL. We added my step brother and his wife and kids. Today I think that we did almost the whole park.(insert Hunter got pooped on coming off the Pooh Bear ride by a bird here) We went from one end of the park to the other. I think that the kids liked seeing the looks on the faces of the cast members as they got to tell them that we had a party of 20!!! We ended up having our own boat on Small World and Pirates, a whole rocket on Space Mountain, an entire side of the sub on Nemo. We bribed the kids to work on their homework with the promise of swimming with cousins and friends at the resort in the heated pool and it WORKED!!
The fifth day we finished the park and let the kids decide what they wanted to do again. (insert lost and found Abby here, she was only lost for about 5-10 minutes) The one thing that was completely new for us at DL was Pixies Hollow. Poor Tink and Rosetta, her garden fairy friend, got mobbed for pictures! I think that we may have frightened the poor things. Heck there were times that I was a little scared myself. Today ended with swimming again and Tracy and I ended up at Sarah's resort until about 2am.
We got to the park on day six a little later than we had the days before. Kirt and April (our friends) were headed to the beach and then home and we decided that because Sarah was ready to go that we would go on Pirates one last time and take them to the monorail and they would head home. We spent the rest of today with Shawn and Crystal (brother and sis-in-law) and the kids. (insert Sarah's bad experience with an energy drink and us going and driving her back to our hotel here)
Our seventh and final day was short. We insisted on Sarah staying with us. We chose our favorite 4 rides, (insert my sprained ankle here) took the monorail to Downtown Disney, ate lunch, got our kids their souvenirs and hit the road! Sarah was still not feeling well and so Tracy drove her car and I drove our car and off for home we went!! The final chapter ... by the time that we got home Tracy had to cary me in the house because during the drive home my ankle swelled so much that I could not put any weight on it oh joy!! In the end we had a great time and we enjoyed the time that we were able to spend with some great friends and the family that I love!!


Real Mom, Real Life said...

We LOVE Disneyland too. We go at least once a year for a week so we can take our time... LOVE IT!

Sounds like fun -- glad you found those precious lost items!!

shaunandammie said...

Disneyland is priceless! Even if you had some problems I'm glad you had a good time.

Ana said...

Disneyland how fun .... i know my boys keep letting me know the last time they were there ... they were little but i figure if they remember that's good enough ...nah .. i think this summer we will return... ;0)

Shellee said...

We haven't been to Disneyland since I was preggie with Hayden. Sound like you had a lot of fun.