Saturday, November 1, 2008

Back to a 8-5

Tracy has found a new job!!! With the housing market the way it is any extra money is a blessing. The down side?... back to an 8-5 with a commute. I have found in the last week that I am really missing the lifestyle that having and running your own business gives Tracy and I as parents. It is a real adjustment for us that he is back to a commute that is longer than 10 minutes (on a busy day).

In my world I am facing a busy week of work and then the HUGE job of putting the house back together since we finished the remodel. I have a few tuch-ups and then it is on to getting the kids back to their own rooms for the first time in a year!! The remodel has been 98% done for a couple of months but we had some good friends and their family stay with us for a couple of months, we will miss them.

I am still going through pictures of the remodel on my computer and my camera is still lost so as soon as I get things settled down I will do a post of all the before and after pictures that we have taken in the last year.


Thomas Family said...

So exciting!! Congratulations! :)

Sankat said...

That is great that the remodel is done!
I am happy and sad for you about the 8-5. It sounds like you are happy to have the security but sad that it has taken a toll on the family....oh, what did he get a job doing?

Tina said...

Hey Tori,
Glad that things are going well for you guys! Are you still in Tucson? Well, have a good one! Check out our blog and say hi!

shaunandammie said...

Yea!! Shaun and I are so happy for you. That will be nice to have everything back in place. Love ya!