Friday, November 7, 2008

Something New

OK, because I think that I have nothing better to do in all the stress of life, I have started a new business for myself. I have become a Scentsy consultant. I really love their stuff and so I have found myself wanted to sell it. For those of you who know me really well, I am a fairly confident person but this takes me completely out of my comfort zone and it makes me a little nervous. Here we go though, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

If any of my friends that are here locally would like to come to my kick-off party it will be on Saturday Nov. 15th from 4-6. If you are interested leave me a note and I will get back to you with the details.


shaunandammie said...

I would like some info about the party.

Thomas Family said...

If I were in Az I would come. So sorry but I hope all goes well! Good Luck! :)