Friday, November 14, 2008

Camera Found!!!!

I can finally breathe again. I found my camera yesterday morning. I have been so worried about where it could be and if I would ever find it and all the pictures that are on it. Thankfully it had just gotten pushed under and behid my printer table.

I am glad that I found it now because I reall wanted to have pictures of my scentsy kick off party on Saturday. I am so nervous and hopeful that this event goes well. I feel that I have done all that I can to make sure that it is a success. Well one more shot at getting info out there... for any of my friends that are here in Mesa that would like to come I would love to see you. Please leave me a note and I will get you the address and other information. The party is from 4-6 pm. Well I have to run kids to school before they drive me nuts;)

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Tuihalalalala said...

Good luck with that "scentsy" party sounds fun,(BTW:what is a scentsy party?) Wish I could come but i live soooo far, into maricopa that I don't got to anymore parties over there. Dagnabit!